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About Reality Check Seminars

Reality Check Check Seminars began in 1995 with the Angel Seminar. Since then we have developed several other seminars, provided materials for many pastors to hold them in their churches or locales, and conducted 32 seminars personally in 10 states.

The Holy Bible

We are based in Northern California and continue to improve the seminars and make them available to others. The seminars that are presently available are the Revelation Decoded Seminar, the Keep Calm and Be Prepared seminar, and the Freedom Seminar. 

Each seminar has an attractive workbook, and brochure that has been developed and is available for others’ use.

Dennis and Debbie Pumford began creating public seminars in 1994. Since then they have conducted over 36 seminars in 12 states. Dennis has been and avid student of Bible prophecy, especially the book of Revelation, throughout his ministry. He founded Reality Check Seminars in the mid 1990's. Dennis has been in ministry 35 years, pastoring for 25 years, was associate director of a non-denominational church planting association for 10 years, and held seminars throughout. Dennis also loves restoring antique and classic cars, trucks, and tractors--starting at age 12. Debbie, an elementary teacher, loves to sew. They have two children and four grandchildren, all on the west coast. Currently, Dennis and Debbie are retired in Northern California where they built a home, guest cabins, and a shop on 20 acres in the mountains. Their home is off the grid, and is not dependent on anyone (wood heat, kerosene lamps, pure water well and plenty of it). They believe in preparing for the future by being out of debt, having a good store of food, and staying healthy.

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              the Bible

Mission and Purpose.Our mission is simple: to reveal Christ and expose the devil.

The book of Revelation unfolds God’s plans for the future and unmasks the devils plots. It begins by pronouncing a blessing on those who read, hear and heed the things written in the book. We realize that many are confused by all the symbols and consider that if God wanted us to understand the messages, He would have made them plainer. Actually, because God wanted us to get the messages down in the end time, He preserved them for us by using “coded” terms. It is up to us to decode prophecy, using the Bible as the codebook, and praying for the Spirit’s guidance.

Our goal is to make decoding the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation simple, easy and fun, while removing the confusion and clarifying the issues.

One of our methods is to step back and see the “Big Picture.” We have found that this clears up the confusion and narrows down the possible interpretations more than any other single method.

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