Available Seminars

Back to God

This seminar shows providential rise of America including revelation’s prophecies concerning this country. We have gathered many statements from the founding fathers showing their views on each bible subject taught. The seminar appeals to us to return to our roots before it is too late. There is an student workbook that includes information, charts, fill-in-the blanks, and statements of the founders. There are 12 lessons in all.


Daniel Unsealed

This seminar is very comprehensive, taking each chapter of Daniel consecutively. Supporting prophecies from revelation are brought in. There are 15 lessons, an attractive workbook with worksheets, exhibits, charts and other materials. The seminar is divided into 3 modules.


Myth Busting

The newest of our seminars, this one is unique in that it focuses on last-day events, the popular views concerning them, and sorting out what the Bible actually predicts. There are 10 sessions and a workbook. Attention is paid to the origin of the various popular beliefs, and the history of prophetic understanding.


Revelation Decoded

This is an excellent seminar to understand the heart of revelation, its purpose, why it uses so many symbols, and how to decode them. It does not attempt to deal with each chapter, but begins with chapter 12, the center, and its surrounding chapters—10, 11, 13, & 14, and supporting material from Daniel 2 and 7. worksheets for each lesson, supporting exhibits, and relevant essays entitled, “So What?” there are 12, 1-hour sessions.


Note: We have developed attractive Power-Point illustrations for each seminar and use a flip-chart and white board to further illustrate. We duplicate CD’s from every session to make the audio available. Any of the seminars can be reduced to a weekend intensive, leaving some of the materials to be digested personally by the students.